Travail de création d’une campagne de communication pour la marque Jet Tours à partir d’un concept choisi : ici la marque propose de voyager autrement en découvrant l’Europe à travers ses meilleures boites de nuit. En plus des trois affiches destinées au print, une idée de spot TV et un concept de street marketing étaient demandés.


My campaign for the travel companyJet Tours. I choose the concept of discovering Europe through the best nightclubs. I created three poster which can be declined for all cities, one street marketing concept and one story board for TV.

The street marketing concept is about create a billboard with the view of the street where it is – as if it was transparent – but it is a video with a night mood and dancing people

For the TV ad I choose to show the city day and night with electric music as if it flashing and a group of young people dancing in a club. Then the background becomes blurry and there is the logo and the baseline.